Hair conditioners and masks

Hair Conditioning Treatments. How to get Salon results at home.


How can I best use my conditioning products at home to get salon quality results?

Conditioning treatments and masks have a place in your weekly hair routine because they address issues you can have with your hair like dryness, frizzies, breakage and product buildup.

They can help your colour last longer and prevent fade and split ends plus damage from heat styling.

Whatever your main hair concern is there will be a product that addresses it and you want to get the best out of it so here are some tips to help you have beautiful hair that looks and feels amazing.


Eight top tips for masks and conditioning treatments. 


#1 Giving your hair a great shampoo is the best place to start. We have written tips on the best hair wash ever Here.

#2 Once your air is clean, which generally means two shampoos, and well rinsed start the conditioning treatment.



#3 Squeeze the water out and use a towel to remove excess moisture. Water dilutes your conditioning product and makes it less effective.

#4 Don’t rub or tousle your hair with the towel, simply blot or squeeze the moisture out.

#5 With dry hands get a small amount of your conditioning treatment or mask. Work through your hair with your fingers with your fingers. Start at the mid-lengths working down to the ends and lastly the roots.

#6 Comb through and remove tangles gently. Start at the ends a move up the hair until you have removed all the tangles.


Hair conditioners and masks


#7 Leave in and do your other body indulgences. A few minutes is enough.  

#8 Rinse out well. A cooler rinse will close the cuticle and seal in the goodness.


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