10 Tops Tips for the Best Hair Wash Ever

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Does your hair feel clean after a hair wash, have body, and hold its blow-dry? How about those tangles, split ends, and breakage?


Do your roots get greasy too quickly or do your ends dry out and tangle the next day?

Are your hair products performing as your hairstylist promised?

 Are your time and effort washing your hair giving you noticeable results?


Washing your hair should be simple.. so let’s see if there are some common mistakes you are making… and our top 10 tips to fix it.





Brush your hair before you get it wet.

Yes, this is the best place to get started. Go outside if you can and give your hair a stimulating thorough brush. With a perfect brush of course. Get your best brush tips here. This will get the blood flowing, loosen scalp buildup and begin to break down styling products.


Thoroughly rinse your hair before you shampoo.

After brushing, this thorough rinsing is an essential step and is too often rushed. Using your fingertips get in and rub your scalp to loosen dead skin and product. Never use your fingernails, just the pads of your fingers.


Use your shampoo on your scalp, not your hair.

Pay attention to using your shampoo on your scalp, as it’s your scalp that needs cleaning. All the built-up skin, sweat, and oil need the glorious shampoo to break it down so it can be rinsed away. Don’t worry if you are not getting a sudsy lather with shampoo #1. Just make sure you work the shampoo through the entire scalp area and then rinse out well.


Use less product on your 2nd shampoo.

Shampoo #2 will lather twice as much so you don’t need to use as much product. Again work this over the scalp but also gently squeeze this through your hair. Never bundle your hair up on your head as this can create tangles and breakage. Work the shampoo through gently, not rubbing or pulling.

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

We can’t stress enough how important rinsing each stage is. Thorough rinsing is the key to shine, manageability and product absorption.


Towel dry before you use conditioner.

Here’s the thing… water dilutes hair masks and conditioner and makes them run out of the hair and down your face. Ever tasted your lovely conditioner… yukky right!

So this really is key. Gently squeeze out the water after rinsing and blot with a towel before you use your conditioner or mask. It penetrates better and keeps it on your hair and not your scalp or face!


Apply conditioner to your mid-lengths, not your roots.

Your mask or conditioner mainly benefits your hair, so it’s no good plopping it onto your scalp. Yes, a dry scalp will benefit from being nourished and your roots will enjoy having the cuticle layer smoothed down and restored, but a little conditioner goes a long way here. Apply conditioner from the mid-lengths down, that’s about a ponytail length. Enough will get to the roots with our next tip. Now shorter style people you just need to gently fluff the conditioner on the tips of your hair.


Comb and leave in.

Yes, another great tip for getting smooth, shiny hair. Taking the time to comb, detangle and distribute your conditioner will make it more manageable, stronger, and better able to absorb that lovely hydrating and strengthening product. Be gentle, however. Use a wide-tooth comb and don’t tug at the tangles. Wet hair is in a vulnerable state, so be kind.


Cool rinse.

Hard on a cold day but vital for the end of your restorative hair wash. This closes down the cuticle (outside) layer of the hair and seals in all the goodness, giving a glorious shine and stimulating the scalp.


Never rough up your hair with a towel.

To finish all that goodness just gently squeeze your hair dry. Please, no rubbing, tousling, or scrunchy massaging!



Now your hair should be easy to comb through, apply products to, and style as needed.

All that love and attention should ensure that your products work as expected, your colour holds and fades less, and that you have less splitting and breakage.

Now styling it should be a breeze. Want some tips on how to do this with professional touch? Read here.





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