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Hair Colour Trends


Check out the latest hair Colour trends.

There are plenty of choices for a subtle change of tone to a full-out re-vamp.



Burgundy and Violets

are hot on the radar, from all over plum delights to sneaky bands of colour to give depth and dimension. Use in foils to add to a rich brown shade or in a melt for a more dramatic effect.












Platinum Blonde is big news.

It must be pure and classy and your hair needs to be strong and healthy enough to handle the rigours of such a full-on colour service.

Maintenance is high and attention to regrowth is necessary to keep the platinum well toned and not brassy. This is, however, a dynamic look and is worth the investment.



is the key to keeping your hair healthy and strong when going for a big colour change.

This incredible new product can be used as a hair colouring additive and allows professional hair colourists to push the boundaries like never before to deliver amazing results for your hair.

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are still an alternative to the platinum and can be all over, in ombre or multi shades.

They are fun and a bit different to liven up those dull days. Again this requires high maintenance to reduce the fading that does occur, and good salon products are needed because your hair will have been pre-lightened to get the pastels. 








Baby lights

are the most gentle of highlights to give your hair that ‘when you were a baby’ soft colour. This mostly requires gentle highlighting tints, with minimal hair being coloured.

The look is super soft and not high to maintain. You can just add a soft caramel, golden lights or wheat blondes for a natural lift. Either in foils or balayage (means combed in by hand).







is a technique where we comb on colour instead of using foils to give a soft natural lightened look.

Softer than an Ombre and less colour than a Melt, Balayage lets your natural colour shine through giving it texture, dimension and tone.

   balayage- hair- colourbalayage- hair- colour                balayage hair colour  


This technique has lots of versions from Flamboyage, Sombre and Melts. However, the trend here is still current whether it’s full on or subtle.

Get more hair colour trends and an indepth guide to the names and techniques hair colourists are using. We have put together the latest so you can choose a great hair colour with confidence.

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yes, you read it right.

Grey tones are big news but for all of you out there who are trying hard to keep the greys covered, understand this… it’s dyed grey hair, not naturally grey that has caught the headlines.

Some can wear it and some cannot but if it looks good…rock it.

For those of you who want to wear your natural grey, it’s all down to tone. Keep it cool and fresh and of course with a super stylish cut.

pastel- hair- colour        pastel- hair- colour     pastel hair colour                    pastel- hair- colour



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