Want Blonder Hair and wondered whether it would suit you?

Is my skin tone right for blonde hair?

What is the upkeep of blonde hair like?

Will going blonde damage my hair?

Ever wondered if blonde hair is right for you? Fancy a blonder hair colour for summer? All the celebs are doing it so why not? We now have all of the most incredible hair products to protect and strengthen your hair … but will it suit you?

Take a look at some recent colour changes below and see what you think. Read on for the questions you need to consider before taking the plunge.


1. Will it suit me?

Look at some childhood photos to see if you had any natural blonde in your hair when you were young. If you did, it’s a good place to start for the tone that could suit you.

For it to look natural, you want a shade that will complement your colouring. Keep in mind that non-brassy, ashier blondes compliment cool skin tones, while golden shades work better on warmer ones.

Blonde can work with lots of eye colours, like a warm, natural blonde with green eyes. Read our blog about Hair Colour and Skin Tones HERE

2. How committed are you to the upkeep?

Simply put, a transformation isn’t going to happen overnight. Going from sombré to baby lights to a whole head of highlights is a great way to transition. The colour change above took 3 visits to transition from the sombré version to the full on blonde. We have a helpful post about different hair colouring techniques HERE.

Furthermore, ensuring your hair is healthy enough to keep going lighter and lighter is another task in itself. You need lots of moisturising treatments in-between each service to help maintain healthy hair. In other words, hair masks are a non-negotiable part of the process.

Look how Cameron Dias can wear extreme hair colours successfully.

hair-colour                                          hair-colour

3. Is your hair healthy?

Colouring damaged hair is about much more than just split ends or dry hair, it can affect the colour itself and how it is absorbed by the hair. If you have recently coloured, straightened, or permed your hair, you should always proceed with caution. But if your hair is in particularly bad shape (colour, sun, or heat damage), perhaps wait until it’s in better health to begin a blonde transformation.

We use Olaplex to help rebuild damaged hair from chemical and thermal exposure. This incredible new treatment can help rebuild hair from the inside and this makes going blonde now more possible than ever. Read all about Olaplex in a guide we put together, so you can see the amazing results.

4. How do you style your hair?

You’re going to need to cut back on hot styling tools as they cause internal damage that weakens the protein cross-links. To use them wisely, keep them on a lower temperature setting and always use a heat protectant to minimise damage and keep your colour looking fresh.

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