Hair Colour disasters are Everywhere!

Wrong colour choice, bad application and technique plus inferior products.

Choosing colour whether it’s for your hair, makeup or clothes can be confusing.

We often know what we feel good in…. but get in a rut with our clothes or hair colour and lack inspiration or confidence to see the right changes for ourselves.
Especially during a change of season. One day we feel like a brighter look with bare legs… then next minute the dark winter woolies are out again.
Hair colour frames your face and plays a big role in your overall appearance. You don’t want your hair colour to blend in with your skin tone, it drains you of colour and washes you out. Suitable tones will lift your complexion and you’ll look refreshed. 

This is a simple guide to skin tone and desired hair shades.

We have a comprehensive understanding of what colours will suit you and are happy to advise you if you are feeling like a new look Contact us.
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Helpful Colouring Tips:

Having grey hair also means your skin becomes less enhanced with natural pigments. This means you need to enhance your hair colour to keep your complexion from looking washed out. 
Whats the right tone? …. Hair colour in the correct tone can give you back a glow and keep your skin looking vibrant. Your natural hair colour before grey is the guide. 
Soft toners in the correct shade can help your grey hair look fresh if you don’t want the commitment of all over colour. These enhance your hair and make your complexion glow.
Fine foils of colour can enhance your skin tone and complexion. Correcting the natural skin tone changes with subtle hair colour helps to keep you looking vibrant and healthy.
Thicker contrasting foils can give depth and dimension. Creating fullness and density. With or without all over colour, foils give you lots of choices to introduce tones that compliment your hair and skin tone.
Eye colour really plays a role in determining the best colour tone for you. Eyes should appear brighter with the right hair colour.
Accentuated blemishes, under eye circles and dark shadows, are just a few signs that you have the wrong colour tone. 
Fire engine Reds are not for everyone but life is too short for dull hair. Have the confidence to accentuate your look with colour and trust your hair colourist to update your hair colour to suit you.
Hair colouring with enhancing tones really brings back life to dull winter hair and is worth its weight in gold in giving you a vibrant fresh look. Better value than a new dress and you wear your hair every day!

See our COLOURS page for more advice on your hair colour.