Colour Me Beautiful

We LOVE hair colour, understand its complexities and are hair colour experts in techniques which will have your hair looking its colourful best.

Absolute Hair Stylists are trained in precise colour consultations, selection and application.

We want you to love colour as much as we do.

The benefits of professionally coloured, beautiful hair are amazing. Enjoy the compliments flow when you have the right colour to suit you and your lifestyle.

Discouraged with your hair colour?

We understand that you may have lots of questions when it comes to hair colour.

Whats ammonia free hair colour? Do I have foils or balayage? What exactly is Ombre? Can I colour my hair when I’m having a baby? What is the maintenance of hair colour?

Helping you understand hair colour is our priority and want you to have a hair colour that looks beautiful and complimentary.

Are you discouraged with your hair colour results and not sure how to get a colour you enjoy? Have you tried something new just to have it not suit you? Confused about how to change or introduce colour to your style that’s right for your age and budget?

Beautiful hair colour takes dedication and training to get right. Our free consultations are the best way to help you on your path of hair colour happiness.

We will guide you through the process and help you understand whats involved, assist in colour selection and techniques. Then explain how to maintain your colour so it’s always looking its best.

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What our customers say about us

“I have so much confidence in my Kirsten and Daynas expertise that no matter how good a product – your hair is only as good as your hairdresser.

I could have walked out of that salon looking like a bleached blonde frizz but instead, because of Absolute Hair’s time, energy and expertise – and because they really do CARE about me and not just about making a buck, I walked out of there looking and feeling like a million dollars.“

“I love my new colour and have had so many compliments on it. Thank goodness the orange is gone! One less thing to worry about when the baby comes :-)”

Will definitely be back!

“Best hair salon I’ve been to. Dayna and Jas do an excellent job with my colour and style, and I always feel very welcomed.”

“I get really excited when my appointment is due as I know I’m going to get the treatment I deserve and I always leave the salon feeling thrilled with my look. The girls are very professional and give lots of helpful tips for me when I choose a new style or colour”