Getting the perfect mens shave is no small feat.

There’s a seemingly endless supply of products, tools, and techniques out there to help get the perfect men’s shaving routine sorted!

But… Razor burns, cuts, and skin irritation constantly threaten to ruin your day.

However, it is possible to achieve the ultimate mens shave and that smooth kissable face that your partner loves so much.

To learn how to build that mens shaving routine, our esteemed barber Harmony can show you her way around a razor.

Follow her tips and soon enough, getting a close shave will be second nature.

1. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

I can’t say this enough, keeping the skin moist and hydrated from start to finish is the number 1 key to a clean men’s shave. After a hot shower is best.

2. Use a shaving brush. (Badger Brush)

Wet your shave brush with warm water put shaving cream into a bowl and whip/stir before applying to the face this will create a thicker lather to help the cream get underneath the hair and create a barrier against your skin.

Top mens shaving advice you can’t ignore if you want a gorgeous finish.

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3. Stretch the skin.

Stretching your skin as much as possible is so important for the ultimate men’s shave. This will force the hair to stand upright for a more even finish and help to prevent cuts.

4. Two passes.

1- With the grain
2- Across the grain

What is this?! Your first pass should always be with the grain of your hair growth. Once you’ve completed your entire face, re-lather and do your second pass across the grain.

5. Cold towel and moisturize.

Two for one!! Apply a cold towel or face cloth directly to the face.

This is to close the pores and calm your skin. No men’s shave is complete without this step.

Then finally apply a good amount of after shave balm or moisturizer to your face and massage.

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