Hair Treatments Personally Prescribed for You

For your pleasure, hair treatments include a relaxing pressure point scalp massage in our massage chair and can be booked individually or with other hairdressing services.

After assessing what your hair and scalp needs are we will prescribe the treatment to suit you.

Express Hair and Scalp treatments give a quick fix in an instant. These treatments are easily added to your normal hair service.

Deluxe Treatments require a minimum of 20 mins and include a delightful massage. Usually, with 2 stages these treatments go deeper and create long lasting results.

We use K18, Olaplex, Davines, and Natural Tech salon hair treatments because they are the best at delivering results.

Express Hair
– From $39

A Hair Treatment to hydrate and revive in an instant.

Plump lifeless tired hair.

Rebuild keratin with deep strengthening.

Lock in colour post regular colour service.

– From $37

Individual prescription treatment for your hair and scalp.

Deep penetrating hair treatments to regain lost moisture from heat styling and chemical services.

Rebuild and restore your hair’s natural protection.

Replump your hair with our incredible hair thickening treatment which restores your hair’s inner moisture and strengthens each fibre.

Express Scalp
– From $13

Optimise hair growth and revitalise the scalp with an Energising scalp sensation.

Calm skin after a colour or help sensitivity.

These specialised treatments are a necessity for health and vitality for both your hair and scalp..

Specialist Hair Treatments

Take your hair from good to great.

  • Olaplex #2 Express
  • Olaplex Colour
  • Olaplex Intense
  • Olaplex Intense and Style
  • Olaplex Club
    $97 - $137
    Package – Conditions Apply

Olaplex Rebuilding
– From $29 – $109

Add to colour for rebuilding, pre-chemical service restructure, Express, Mini, Deluxe and Now Olaplex Club.

Olaplex can be used in your colour service or as an intensive repair treatment to rebuild your hair from the inside. This is our most popular salon treatment for strong healthy hair. Now we can go further with colour and use multi services like never before.

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Scalp Soothe
– From $33

3 Stages of cleansing and revitalising. Energise, exfoliate, soothe and massage.

Our scalp can suffer due to skin conditions, diet and environment. It is often the first place we see that our body can be unbalanced. We should not ignore these signs and treated regularly our scalp will feel cleansed and stimulated and our hair will be at its best.

Colour Revive
– From $35

Colour a little dull? We can help.

Brighten up your colour to keep it looking rich and give it that freshly coloured shine. Harsh sunlight and styling fades your colour. A Colour Revive Treatment can brighten up a faded colour between your regular service.

– From $25

We have the answer to healthy hair.

K18 is a hair rebuilding treatment that can be used with a colour service to minimise damage and breakage.

We apply it depending on the amount of colour we use and the colour technique.

Prices are from $25- $68

Absolute Hair Salon Waikanae New Zealand

What our customers say about us

“I felt I just had to accept that dry hair was part and of colouring my hair. Not any more. Olaplex and Moisture Treatments have totally changed how my hair behaves and feels. Much easier to style, the colour lasts longer, and its not breaking and falling out. Its a no brainer.”

“I suffer from a sensitive scalp and don’t like the feeling and irritation after a colour but the calming treatment just takes that worry away.

It smells amazing, stops my scalp from getting itchy and red plus the added bonus of the incredible massage…. I was in heaven. What was a worry is now a total pleasure and I can have the colour I love without the side effects”

“I wanted a very tricky colour job. Kirsten and Dayna were concerned about the damage to my healthy natural hair with all the other colours I had previously.

However, 4.5 hours later and WOW!!! Olaplex is AWESOME and I’m wondering why on earth, after spending all this time and money, wouldn’t I want an Olaplex treatment! The condition of my hair was amazing.”