Best Hair Brush to Use For My Hair


What Hair Brush do I use?


Confused about how to blow-dry your hair with brushes to achieve certain looks? What brush to use for what and when?

This guide ‘What brush to Use’ will demystify the subject for you.






These are our best tips.


Most brushes are available in all sizes, however small is better for short hair, you get better lift and control.

Brushes can easily get tangled in your hair, use a bigger brush on long hair.

Use a larger brush for smoothing and volume.

For blow-drying tips see HERE



The brush that we most commonly use in the salon is a ceramic base mixed bristle. We use a variety of sizes.

 When blow waving this heats up and helps set the hair to give a longer-lasting effect. It gives a smoother fuller finish when left to cool a little.

A nozzle will help with this too. We advised about this in our blog post ‘What is the nozzle on my blow-dryer for?’ HERE


Heres a few more tips to help.


Paddle Brush

Perfect for smoothing and maintenance but offers very little control. Long-haired beauties, the paddle brush will keep your strands looking their finest. To use, gently lift hair at the roots and sweep down the hair shaft. Since this brush is so flat, it’s best for creating smooth, sleek, and shiny styles without lots of volume. It also works wonders as a finisher for curly, frizzy, or wavy hair that’s been styled by other means.

Because the paddle brush is so wide, it’s also great for penetrating thick hair and providing a gentle, stimulating scalp massage.


Bristle Round

Smooths giving shine and movement during blowdrying but doesn’t heat for hold.

Ceramic Round

Great blowdry brush. Heats whilst styling to give longer-lasting bounce and hold for movement. Use a size that is required for curl, volume and hair length. Too small on long hair can be a disaster so be careful when choosing the right one.


Creates volume and lift, letting air pass through for quick drying. No curl but good for flicks. Can be a bit harsh on the hair with plastic bristles.

Half Round Bristle

Smooths fringes.

Oval Bristle

Natural bristle for maximum smoothing and control. Shines hair and stimulates the scalp (Mason and Pearson best)


Detangles in a breeze like a comb. Can be used like a vent for blowdrying as it’s gentler on the hair. Comes apart for easy cleaning.





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