Styling: Using the blow dryer’s nozzle


What is the nozzle on my blow dryer for?

When you watch us style your hair at the salon you’ll notice that sometimes we use the nozzle on the blow dryer and other times we don’t. 

The nozzle gives a concentrated heat burst on to the hair around the brush, intensifying and directing the heat and keeping the airflow more concentrated.



It can be a bit of personal preference and quite frankly when doing your hair yourself it does complicate things a bit by making the blow dryer longer and harder to handle. It can increase the risk of burning the hair as well if you concentrate the airflow too intensely. 

The best blow dry tip we can give you whether you use a nozzle or not is to make sure you direct the air down the hair shaft from roots to tips. This ensures that you reduce friction to the cuticle layer, retain moisture and increase shine. 

If you can use a nozzle well it helps to get a really smooth finish and quickens the drying time.

Concentrator nozzles are included with most professional blow dryers and they are included for a reason – they allow you to work smarter, not harder!

If you are serious about the finishing texture, you should understand the advantages of using a nozzle:

Wide Nozzles

  • Essential for drying long, thick hair.
  • The wider length expands the airflow and dries more hair faster.

Narrow Nozzles

  • Essential for drying fringes and frizzy, wavy and curly hair.
  • Concentrated airflow produces faster airflow resulting in a more polished finish.


Don’t suffocate the dryer by making direct contact with the nozzle and the brush. Keep the nozzle at least ½-1 inch away from the brush so you don’t a) melt the bristles on your brush and b) damage the motor on your hair dryer causing it to overheat.

Professional hairdryers are essential if you are serious about a good blow dry. 



A cold blast button can work wonders if your dryer has one. 

Usually, it is a blue button on the handle area of the dryer. This cools the hair in the shape you are styling and sets it. After you have heat dried the section with the brush simply hold the cold button down on your hairdryer.

Blow on the hair around the brush. The dryer will blast out cold air and set the hair in its shape. 

You’ll sometimes see us leaving the brushes in your hair and move on to another section with another brush. This technique is a little like the cold blast as the hair cools around the brush and sets the shape.

We have lots of brushes and can position them to stay in and use this technique often. You might find the cold blast an easier way to do it at home.

Velcro rollers work well too. Very easy to use and leave in the hair. After drying with the brush, put in the roller. Let the hair cool as you move onto another section with the brush. Leave all the rollers in as the hair cools and give a blast with the hairspray.




We love a great blowout and really appreciate how good it makes you feel.


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