Strengthen, Hydrate, Rebuild, Replump …

so many treatments for my hair… HELP!

Yes, we agree, it can be overwhelming.

The hair and skin product industries are releasing new products at a fast pace and there are lots to learn or just get confused about.

We are here to explain the new releases for you.

As a starting point, the most important thing to know is that for your hair to be healthy, it needs two things:

Hydration –  moisture

Strength –  protein

When using hair products to address these issues, remember they are more effective when delivered separately. Strength products and hydrating products can be inter-changed if your hair needs both.

Hair damage is inevitable. Hair is a fibre that needs moisture and protection. Natural hair texture and environment factors all determine what our hairs individual needs are.

Plus we like to do things to our hair that can compromise its structural integrity, so extra products are needed to maintain shine, manageability, colour and texture.

Straightening irons and other hot tools plus colouring all have an effect on our hairs natural balance.

Let’s start at the deepest level.

Salon treatments like Replumping, Olaplex, and Keratin Strengthening work on the structural aspects of hair.

Replumping deposits water molecules inside the hair.

Olaplex rebuilds the di-sulphide bonds which are the structure of the hair.

Keratin strengthens with added protein deep inside the hair.

These treatments can all minimise and repair the damage done by chemical and environmental factors and work with the natural features of your hair.

The outer cuticle layer also needs protection. 

Closing the outer cuticle layer prevents loss of moisture and protein. Lack of which can cause the hair to be tangled and snap and the hairs integrity to break down. Your beautiful toned blonde or rich brunette colour will leach out and fade. 

Protection of the cuticle layer can come from your shampoo and conditioners, heat styling protectants, serums and oils. These come in the form of hydrating masks, protein packs, salon treatments and colour saving shampoos.

There are special smoothing shampoos and conditioners, curl enhancing products, volumising and anti-fade hair products to help give your hair what it needs. Each natural condition has issues with needing more or less protein and moisture, oils and cleansers.
Read the conclusion below for products to help each hair type.

Hair straighteners


New and Exciting Products we use.

We are excited that the product companies are working hard to bring to the market tools we can use to keep your colour vibrant, cause less damage during processing and repair damage.

Let alone consider your skin, scalp and environment… but that’s another blog! Scalp health and chemical intolerance is something that is a serious issue for some.

We embrace new technology and it’s an exciting time to be in our industry… simply because it benefits you and enables us to create beautiful hair with hairstyles you love.

One of the most incredible releases in recent times has been a treatment called Olaplex.
Simply it’s a product that works at a cellular level to rebuild bonds that have become damaged. We have written a blog about it here –  Olaplex hair miracle.

Is your hair fluffy and suffering from chemical and heat damage? 

Does your hair behave when styling?

Breakage an issue?

Want to have a major colour change and worried about your hairs condition after?

Now there is a hair treatment that rebuilds and strengthens your hair. 

Olaplex is a deluxe salon treatment, maintenance boost and colour additive that rebuilds the internal structure of the hair and maintains its integrity. It has given us much more control over the chemical effect of products on your hair and is an amazing tool to help conquer breakage and hair weakness.

Get all the Olaplex info in a “done for you report” in the Resource Library
Replumping uses technology that is also used in the skin as fillers to attract and maintain the hydrating effects of water.

Applied as a shampoo, conditioner and intensive treatment replumbing does exactly that. Read our blog about it here Replump Me.
Energising and volumising shampoos and treatments stimulate the scalp and get the blood pumping to increase hair growing properties. If your hair is thin or needs revitalising these ranges are very effective.

Just be mindful of hydration and strength with finer hair as these issues need to be addressed to get the full potential out of your hair.
Protecting and minimising the effects of heat styling using serums, oils, leave in conditioners and heat protectants are a must. 

They are very effective in preventing moisture loss and giving the hair a shiner feel and softer look they make styling easier giving the hair more flow in the straightener or brush.

One of our favourites is Oi Milk.

Just beautiful for the hair and one top selling product everyone raves about.

Locking out environmental elements is also a benefit. Reduce frizz, keep volume and texture retention is a bonus.

So in summary…

If you want to colour and heat style your hair take care of it with a decent hydrating shampoo and strengthening conditioner or mask. Get in-salon treatments to protect your colour and keep it looking healthy. Have Olaplex to maintain the integrity and stop breakage and if you want to smooth your texture use a smoothing mask as well. Use a heat protectant cream.
Naturally dry hair will benefit from a hydration mask whether you colour your hair or not. Don’t use a harsh shampoo and use a heat protection cream or leave in conditioner to prevent the dry frizzy texture.
Fine hair that suffers from breakage or lifelessness needs energising and volume but don’t ignore the weakness and dryness that can often be an issue with this hair type. Choose a mask to the mid-lengths and ends. 
Curly hair is often drier in texture and needs hydration but also the new smoothing ranges work wonders in helping combat the fluff. Anti frizz ranges with coconut oil specifically for curly hair will help the curl form uniformly and keep it from drying out.

Whichever products and services you choose, be assured there is something right for your hair. Get some advice from your hairstylist and use their products as they are there to help you and know your hair. Ask for tips on how to use the products and get the benefit of beautiful hair you deserve.

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