Calm, healthy scalp, stimulated and rejuvenated … Luxurious smooth hair… hydrated and nourished.

These are the benefits of using Naturaltech.

Science meets nature, and our hair and scalp benefit. We celebrate this incredible hair product range by showcasing the products we use and love.


Gently cleanses the hair, stimulating scalp micro-circulation and increases the mobilisation of toxins. Thanks to the fragrant essential oils, it gives a pleasant sensation of energy and vitality. SHAMPOO, SUPER ACTIVE, LOTION, GEL.


The selected active ingredients give elasticity, moisturize and protect hair during cleansing. The creamy texture produces thick, rich foam. It cleanses gently without altering hair structure. SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, SUPER ACTIVE.


Hair feels soft and silky, and the scalp invigorated. Winner of InSyle’s 2014 Best Beauty Buys, its velvety texture ensures fast, easy absorption. The formula is enriched with UV filters that protect hair from damage caused by sun exposure. SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, LOTION.


It restructures and nourishes the hair shaft, leaving the hair soft, shiny and full-bodied. Moisturising and nourishing, it restructures and protects the hair so it looks shiny, soft, nourished and protected. SHAMPOO, MASKS, SUPER ACTIVE.


DETOXIFY treating shampoo that combines delicate surfactants of natural origin with scrub particles for a gentle, yet deep cleansing of scalp and a protective action against free radicals. It is intended for an in-depth cleansing of the scalp. REBALANCE normalises sebum production, keeping the scalp clean without stimulating sebum production. SHAMPOO.


PURIFY with active principles that contrast dandruff problems. The combination of active principles with antifungal and antibacterial action reduces exfoliation and keeps the scalp clean and healthy. CALMING gently cleanses the hair, soothes and calms sensitive and sensitised scalp. SHAMPOO, SUPER ACTIVE GEL.

Shampoo and conditioners are the single most important products for beautiful hair.

Start with well-cleansed hair, treat well with conditioners and masks and you will LOVE YOUR HAIR.

Treat your scalp as well as you do to the rest of your body and great hair health is possible. 

Having a selection of products is the perfect solution. Mixing things up helps us to address our hair and scalp needs – something that is always changing.

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