Do you want thicker stronger hair?

THICKER STRONGER HAIR YOU LOVE Hair that is fragile and lack lustre can get us down. It's upsetting to see your brush full of hair and for your styling efforts to just go flat. Full, thick hair was just not dished out to everyone and doesn't…

Top Hair Styling Tips

Here's our guide to the most common hairstyling mistakes and our 'Top Hair Styling Tips' to getting it right! Do you want hair to die for? Are you tired of putting in the effort to style your hair only to have it flop 5 minutes later? …

Hair Colour disasters are Everywhere!

Wrong colour choice, bad application and technique plus inferior products. Choosing colour whether it's for your hair, makeup or clothes can be confusing. We often know what we feel good in.... but get in a rut with our clothes or…
Hair conditioners and masks

Hair Conditioning Treatments. How to get Salon results at home.

How can I best use my conditioning products at home to get salon quality results? Conditioning treatments and masks have a place in your weekly hair routine because they address issues you can have with your hair like dryness, frizzies, breakage…

Styling: Using the blow dryer's nozzle

What is the nozzle on my blow dryer for? When you watch us style your hair at the salon you'll notice that sometimes we use the nozzle on the blow dryer and other times we don't.  The nozzle gives a concentrated heat burst on to the hair…