Absolute Hair Salon Waikanae New Zealand
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Autumn Hair Trends 2018

Do you want a new hair style? Here are some of the latest hair trends this year.  First it is the Shag, Fringe, Wavy Layers for longer hair.     With Blondes it's all about tone and texture. The lob length is…
Absolute Hair Salon Waikanae New Zealand
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The Secrets to Thicker Hair

10 Top Tips for Thicker Hair.   Hormones, and health play a role in achieving thicker hair.   Your hair makes such a difference to how you feel. It isn't a shirt you can change or a skin spot you can conceal. It's not an impulse…
Absolute Hair Salon Waikanae New Zealand
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Cloud Nine Hair Styling Tools

The only Heat Styling Tools your Hair Needs.   We use and recommend Cloud Nine Heat Styling Tools for one reason, they are the best. We love it that you can select a heat when straightening and that they leave your hair soft…
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Olaplex ... The new hair miracle

Olaplex is the best thing to come into our industry for years.   We have been looking for a way to make hair stronger and Olaplex is the answer we have been looking for! What does that mean for you and your stressed strands? Colour,…

Do you want thicker stronger hair?

THICKER STRONGER HAIR YOU LOVE Hair that is fragile and lack lustre can get us down. It's upsetting to see your brush full of hair and for your styling efforts to just go flat. Full, thick hair was just not dished out to everyone and doesn't…