Here’s our guide to the most common hairstyling mistakes and our

‘Top Hair Styling Tips’ to getting it right!

Do you want hair to die for? Are you tired of putting in the effort to style your hair only to have it flop 5 minutes later?

Here are some surprising tips that can help you realise the hair of your dreams.




Is your blow-dryer too hot or too speedy?

Be aware, that it dehydrates both your hair and scalp and makes it harder to manage when styling.
Medium heat and a slower speed give you more control and does the job in the same time.
Dry most of the moisture out of your hair first and start styling with the brush when it’s just damp. This cuts down on time and effort. Your hair can be 90% dry before you need to begin styling with a brush.


Put your hold product in straight after washing.

Lightly towel dry then apply to roots when hair is still quite damp. You won’t use as much and it aids in distribution. Then use your protecting serum or cream through the mid-lengths and ends. Dry soon after for maximum results from your products.


Straighteners on damp hair is a big no-no.

Not only does the hair not straighten or curl as desired but it strips the hair of important moisture and weakens its structure. Instead, apply a heat protector serum or cream to damp hair then blow-dry.
Heat protectors strengthen and hydrate and are essential for keeping your hair healthy. Then straighten or curl as desired. This can be done straight away, or if you want to wait, simply put in a ponytail scrunchy until you’re ready; satin ones work best.
Section your hair and start at the back for best results.


Holding your head upside down and drying it usually only makes it go flat!

If you want this technique to really work make sure you direct the top of your head toward the floor so your hair hangs toward the ground. Get a good view of your knees! Makes us dizzy just thinking about it! It’s easier to hold your hair straight up with your fingers, drying the root area, holding it a second to cool, and then finish the ends with a brush.


It is common not to get the advice you need at a hair salon visit. Often hair stylists have all the information you need but either they forget to tell you or don’t think of all the questions you need answering. This can lead to a hairstyle nightmare.

 Check out our Free Hair Consultation Guide for all the things you should remember to ask at your next visit.



Tired of the ‘5 Minute Later’ flop?


Drying the area directly below, then on top of the crown helps your whole style fall into place.

We say the back is the engine room of a hairstyle and getting this area to sit well makes everything else fall into place. Use round brushes and leave to cool or use Velcro rollers.

New style round brushes are ceramic and heat up and cool down a bit like heated rollers so they really help it stay. It’s all in the cooling so making time for this will keep your hair looking salon styled all day.



Want longer-lasting curls when using a hair straightener? 


Using mousse or volumizers doesn’t help. Hairspray or styling mousse prior to styling as this makes it harder to pull the hair through the straighteners.

Touching and fiddling with the curls after you have done them will also make them drop.

Use a small amount of heat protection cream, get a good technique going twisting right from the roots and use a little hairspray to finish off. 


Check out our Top Tools Guide in the Resource Library

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