Olaplex … The new hair miracle

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Olaplex is the best thing to come into our industry for years.


We have been looking for a way to make hair stronger and Olaplex is the answer we have been looking for!

What does that mean for you and your stressed strands?

Colour, bleach, perms, straighteners, heat styling, and even putting tension on wet hair – combing, brushing to detangle, causes damage inside your hair.

You don’t see it when it happens, but you can feel it, and you definitely see it over time. The tiny bonds that make up your precious hair are being eaten alive!

“Olaplex seeks out this hidden damage and reinforces those bonds, making them stronger, more flexible, and more resistant to breakage.”


Basically, it strengthens, improves and increases the bonds in the hair that brake during chemical services and during thermal treatments like straightening and blow-drying.





There are 3 parts to the Olaplex treatment and we can use them in varying ways depending on the desired result.

Plus the newly released shampoo and conditioner for at home use with the take home Olaplex #3 treatment.


Olaplex #1 salon treatment can be mixed in with colour and toners, used as a treatment before or after a chemical service and as a stand alone repair and hair strengthening boost.

Olaplex #2 is also a salon treatment for us to use with #1 and as a mini treatment.

The take home  #3 Olaplex treatment is essential maintenance to keep building those bonds and help your hair keep its shiny, healthy feel. Using the shampoo and conditioner assists with the at home Olaplex routine. 




In this test by the American Board of Certified Hair Colourists, the Olaplex sample maintained its integrity and was the clear winner. These samples show results after 4 shampoos. They also performed similar tests on live models and Olaplex was always noticeably and significantly superior. 


The more compromised the hair was, the more Olaplex outperformed the rest. The tester reported, “I was so impressed with the results I had to call Dean Christal himself to ask what Olaplex had that the others do not?. He said, “We have a real chemistry that has multiple patents in the works.


It must be so because in my long career I have never seen anything that has worked as well as Olaplex.”




See the recent results. The hair was vulnerable and compromised by colour and heat-styling. The results speak for themselves.



Hair stylists and colourists feel we have finally been delivered a product that allows us to repair damage, more often than not, that has occurred at home or by unprofessional hair salons.

Previous over colouring and stressing the of hair is a common problem we face. We are trying to get a great result on hair that just can’t take anymore.

Read some of these hairstylist quotes after using Olaplex.


“Thank god for Olaplex I would have never been able to keep the hair on her head!!”

“Thank you Olaplex for making my clients feel and look gorgeous! Her hair was soft, shiny, and no breakage at all! It was a dream to blow dry! :)”

“Oh Olaplex, I’m so glad you’re in our lives.”

“Also a huge thank you to Olaplex for being so amazing.”

“Thank you Olaplex for making this possible! I am so in love with Olaplex … I took her from 8 years of box dye black to this. ZERO breakage.”

“First-time colour client is done with OLAPLEX!!!!! This product has changed the game. I will never not use it … from a colour service to a treatment … I’m in love



We now can get hair back to a state we can work with and get results.

Did you ever wonder how it was possible that Kim Kardashian went blonde and kept her hair intact and then darker again, all while keeping shiny hair? There is probably a lot more going on there but we now know Olaplex had a role to play.





Understandably we are super excited to be able to introduce this great treatment and complimentary products to the salon.

We have a range of treatments using Olaplex.

Take a look at the services we offer using Olaplex here.

They include – Colour additive with a colour service for protection

                         Mini boost treatments for maintenance

                         Complete rebuilding for damaged, broken hair.


If it’s a total colour change you want,  now it’s possible. Olaplex can help us give you the hair you desire.


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