The only Heat Styling Tools your Hair Needs.



We use and recommend Cloud Nine Heat Styling Tools for one reason, they are the best.

We love it that you can select a heat when straightening and that they leave your hair soft and shiny.

Add shine & sparkle to every style.


Cloud Nine irons put you in control, whatever your hair type, whatever your style.


Whether you want to create smooth and sleek styles, flicks, curls, or achieve the perfect straight look, there’s a Cloud Nine Iron for your hair.

From the one-touch temperature control to the hibernation mode and swivel cord, Cloud Nine hair straighteners deliver everything you need to style your hair professionally and easily.

Please note the Cloud Nine Micro Iron does not include the temperature control feature, but measuring only 6 inches in length, it’s perfect for styling on the go.


They have 3 straighteners to choose from.

The Mini is fantastic for shorter hair and is wonderful for travel and touch-ups.


Cloud-nine-hairThe Touch is the latest edition to the range and heats up instantly, temperature selects with tap and is a very competitive on price.




Not a fan of straight hair … or find it hard to wave using a straightener?


Cloud nine also has a range of curling tools.

Curls you’ve only ever dreamt of…

The Wand from Cloud Nine is designed to give professional curls, whatever your hair type, whatever your style.

Unlike other curlers, the tapered design lets you create tight, loose or large and voluminous curls at a temperature to suit your hair, thanks to its three temperature settings.

The smooth barrel contains the same mysterious ingredient as the Cloud Nine Irons, giving hair added shine and lustre with every curl.


And last but by no means least is the revolutionary ‘O’.


How many volume can you handle?

The ‘O’ by Cloud Nine is a groundbreaking innovation in professional styling, creating volume in an instant, unlike any heated roller you’ve seen before.

The O heated rollers heat up in less than four seconds, and thanks to the unique induction heating system, they heat from the core, so they’re hot in the hair, not in the hand.

Once they’ve reached the maximum temperature of 130°, the rollers begin to cool in the hair, giving fantastic hold, definition and shine to your hair.

The O gives you the tools to create gorgeous looks that are full of body, volume and movement. All you have to do is decide how much volume you want.



We stock all Cloud Nine Tools at the salon and use them regularly. You could say we were experts with them.

We recently introduced their blow-dryer into the salon. It is less heat than what we are used to but the smoothing results are fantastic.


These are a premium hair dryer and are great to use if you care about the condition of your hair.


They have a range of brushes too which we love




Cloud Nines Products are some of the listed favourites in our Top Ten Hair Tools Guide.

Get your Copy Here. Free in the Resource Library.